Why Do Some People Have Freckles And Others Don’t? Science Says…

#1 Ever wonder why some people have even skin tone, and some have freckles?


Some say spots originate from the kiss of a blessed messenger. Yet, we know where the vast majority of them truly originate from. They originate from qualities. What’s more, the sun.

Spots will be spots more often than not observed on individuals with reasonable or light skin. These spots contain melanin, a color protein.

Melanin gets made when destructive bright (UV) light from the sun hits our skin. This UV light is intense and can harm DNA. Melanin shades and shields our DNA from the sun.

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#2 As it turns out, science has traced it all to one gene.


Not each cell in our body makes color however. The phones in the skin that make melanin are called melanocytes.

In a few people, these melanocytes are spread out pretty uniformly in the skin. These people tan.

Other individuals have their melanocytes in clusters. These individuals wind up with bunches of cells that make shade while whatever is left of the skin remains light (or turns red). These clustered cells are spots.