When She Posted This Selfie, She Had No Idea That She Would Help Thousands Of Women Around The World

She embraced a sound eating regimen, began practice and a made stomach stapling. She archived on Facebook each progression she made to satisfy her fantasy. As the pounds dissolve off, she immediately gathered more than 65,000 fans on Facebook.

#1 This was her strategy.


Simone Anderson is from New Zealand and she adores mold, as the vast majority of the other ladies. In any case, the entirely young lady was experiencing weight and weighed more than 370 pounds (169 kilo), she doesn’t feel good in her skin. On August 11, 2014 she gave herself a final proposal and concluded that it’s an ideal opportunity to lose some weight.

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#2 Within one year, results were brilliant.


Simone Anderson from New Zealand is a really young lady. She was experiencing heftiness: weighing more than 370 pounds (169 kilo). She battled a great deal to shed pounds, yet it was entirely troublesome in light of her condition. On August 2014 she gave herself a final offer: the time had come to look how she needed to look.