What Drives Donald Trump? Fear of Losing Status, Tapes Show

By any measure, backnio Hall was a Hollywood achievement: He had featured in mainstream movies, pressed houses as an exceptional comic and facilitated a hit late-night network show bearing his name. Donald J. Trump saw it diversely by the mid-2000s. In his eyes, Mr. Corridor was nothing. “Put to bed with a shovel,” was his evaluation of Mr. Lobby in a formerly unreleased meeting from two years back. Why such a cruel judgment? Since in Mr. Trump’s eyes, Mr. Corridor had endured the most horrifying type of open embarrbackment: His VIP had faded. His star had darkened.

It was, to put it plainly, Mr. Trump’s most noticeably awful bad dream. “Couldn’t get on TV,” Mr. Trump said with nauseate. “They wouldn’t accept his telephone call.”
#1 Despite his reluctance, Mr. Trump reveals himself over and over, in the stories he tells, in his wide-ranging answers to questions and at times in casual, seemingly throwaway lines. Who does he look up to? “I don’t have heroes,” Mr. Trump said.

Who acquires his regard? “Generally,” he said, “you can’t regard individuals in light of the fact that a great many people aren’t deserving of regard.” His sumptuous way of life? “I could be exceptionally glad in a one-room,” he said, motioning at his inconceivable penthouse loft. “I needn’t bother with this — three stories.” His battle to adjust work and love? “It’s hard for some person to be hitched to me,” he said. Yet, he generally appears to return, in some frame, to the topic of embarrbackment.
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#2 He reserves special scorn for people who embarrback themselves in front of their peers. He tells the story of an unnamed bank president who became inebriated during an award dinner at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan, a ritual of New York society.

There is little hint of sensitivity or comprehension. At the point when individuals lose confront, Mr. Trump’s response is quick and unforgiving. What’s more, when Mr. Trump feels he has been made a trick of, his reaction can be volcanic. Ivana Trump told Mr. D’Antonio about a Colorado ski excursion she brought with Mr. Trump not long after they started dating. The future Mrs. Trump had not advised her sweetheart that she was a proficient skier. IVANA TRUMP: So he goes and stops, and he says, “Go ahead, infant. Gone ahead, infant.” I went up. I went two flips open to question, two flips before him. I vanished. Donald was so irate, he removed his skis, his ski boots, and strolled up to the eatery. … He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t take it. He had been bested out in the open. As he raged off the incline, abandoning a trail of gear, she reviewed, Mr. Trump couldn’t contain his shame. “I’m not going to do this,” she reviewed him saying, “for anyone, including Ivana.”