What Do Women Most Hate About Men?

While men do anything to keep women happy, women are still p!!!!! when they do this:
#1 When Men Forget Anniversaries!  Source

Dr Herb Goldberg, a Psychologist and creator of What Men Still Don’t Know About Women, Relationships, and Loveand What Men Really Want (Signet) proposes that men overlook critical dates like birthdays and commemorations since they are wired to concentrate on the outer dangers and weights of the world outside of their “protected” connections.
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#2 When Men Call Too Many Times

You know him. He met you and was quickly stricken. He lets you know how delightful you are five times for every discussion. He begins discussing how astounding you are despite the fact that he scarcely knows you. He messages, messages or calls twelve times each day. He acts like you have a future together in spite of the fact that you`re almost certain you don`t know his center name.