Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

Did you realize that there is a particular method for holding a straightforward wine glback?

#1 How to wear a bobby pin.


Indeed, it isn’t advanced science, however unquestionably there’s a particular way a wine glback should be held. In this way, here are a few things that you have been doing incorrectly all your life and how you can revise them. Ensure that the wavy part of the bobby stick ought to be pointed inwards when you’re wearing it with the goal that you can catch a bigger bit of your hair without a moment’s delay.

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#2 Watermelons should be cut cross-wise.


Want neat cubes of juicy summer watermelon for your salad (or your poké)? Well, cutting the thing into wedges the way you do for eating out of hand is a bad way to start. (Just think about it for a second.) Removing the rind first allows you to butcher the fruit how you please. And while we love the cartoonish quality of watermelons with black seeds, we use seedless for preparations like this—save the former for old-school snacking and spitting. That holds the juice in them.