Greedy Developer Tries To Buy Grandma’s House, Doesn’t Expect Her To Give The House To Charity

There’s no place like home, and there’s no amount of cash that might recreate the comfy really feel of it. When property builders provided this real-life “Up” character a fairly penny for her residence, she declined the provide.



For Edith Macefield, her life wasn’t too far off from the plot and setting of Disney Pixar’s “Up.” Very like the aged man within the film, Macefield turned down one million dollar offer on her home from builders who needed to wreck the property to make way for retail buildings. Her purpose? She merely just didn’t wish to go away.

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Macefield was a fiery old woman and she’s a hoot to look at as she shuts down the interviewer on this video time and again. Sadly, Macefield handed away in 2008. She left her home within the care of Barry Martin, the supervisor of the development venture that needed to purchase up her property.