Does Google Have Six Birthdays? One H!!! Of A Mistake In Its Celebratory Doodle!

Google is undoubtedly celebrating its 18th anniversary as can be seen on its Search Page. But is it that simple?
#1 Is Google’s birthday on 27th September?

Google authoritatively turned 18 on Tuesday 27 September and to stamp the event, it discharged an exceptional doodle finish with inflatables, and the letter G in a pink birthday cap exploding inflatables that spell out whatever is left of organization’s name in full. Be that as it may, there is question as to when Google’s genuine birthday seems to be.

What’s more, it appears that even Google is a slight bit befuddled on its genuine birthday too. As per The Independent, Google has “celebrated” no less than six eighteenth birthdays as of now.
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#2 Is Google feeling lucky for the 19th straight time?

Google’s seventeenth birthday has likewise brought on some perplexity, specifically over the genuine birthday date. On the off chance that one were to by space name enrollment, then Google is truly 18 years of age, on the grounds that Larry Page and Sergey Brin enlisted on September 15, 1997.

Obviously, Google had started much before in January 1996, which implies Google is really 19 years of age.