Cardi B From Love & Hip-Hop Just Got Her TEETH FIXED! She Looks Like A DIFFERENT Person Now…

If you’re a fan of the show Love and Hip Hop then you know Cardi B. She fixed her teeth ! You must see.

#1 Love And Hip Hop


On the off chance that you watch Love and Hip Hop, you’re likely an aficionado of Cardi B. The no sh*t taking, Bronx local has ambacked an immense fanbase based off her straight talk and road astuteness. Actually, Cardi is popular to the point that she current has 3.7 million adherents on Instagram alone. While the vast majority of the remarks she gets on those posts are all adoration, she gets some detest now and again…

You’ll also know she doesn’t have the best fo grills. Well until now that is

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#2 Cardi B


A considerable measure of that appears to do with her appearance and specifically her not as much as flawless teeth and fans saying she expected to get dental surgery. In spite of all the feedback, in the past Cardi pledged to keep her teeth looking precisely the way they are.

Cardi B has recently undergone a dental fixer-upper