3-year-old Swallows Popcorn Kernel. 6 Months Later, Doctors Are Forced To Pull Life Support

As a security suggestion from the AAP, these kinds of meals ought to never be consumed earlier than a child reaches five.



With that stated, here’s a heartbreaking story about a two-year-old girl who has handed away after affected by irreparable mind harm when she choked on a popcorn kernel.

Mirranda’s household at the moment are making an attempt to boost consciousness in regards to the risks of giving toddlers popcorn amongst different varieties of meals that would pose a possible choking hazard to kids.

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On the mom’s birthday, she and her husband Pat had been in the living room when their daughter — Mirranda, got here to them choking on a popcorn kernel. With her eyes bulging, her dad and mom’ panicked as a result of their child girl couldn’t breathe. The popcorn kernel was deep inside Mirranda’s throat inhibiting her from respiration. Her father started CPR, however by the point paramedics arrived, Mirranda’s heart had stopped.